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Circular Regarding Student Safety Insurance Policy 2015-16

Circular Regarding University Campus sStudents' Council Election

Circular Regarding University Students' Council Election

Circular regarding Annual Magazine

Circular regarding Bahishal Shikshan Kendra Registration & Renewal

Circular regarding Inter Collegiate Youth Festival Proposal

Circular regarding Lecture Series

Circular regarding Student Welfare Fees

Circular regarding the National Flag


Achievements of DSW 2009

Achievements of DSW 2010

Achievements of DSW 2011

Achievements of DSW 2012

Achievements of DSW 2013

Student Participation and Activities

University Student Council and Campus Student Council


Best Practices and Awards

Youth Festival 2014

15 August & 26 January Celebrate Fully Attendance Days in Colleges

Events to be organized by the University to spread the Voter Awareness Programme

Circular - University Students Council Election 2014-15

Investors Awareness Programmer Organized in Affiliated Colleges

Annual Magazine Publication for all Affiliated Colleges

Participation in Youth Festival for all Affiliated Colleges

Circular - Lecture Series 2014-15

Circular- Annual Magazine 2014-15

Circular -Bahishal Shikshan Kendra Registration & Renewal 2014-15

Circular- Inter Collegiate Youth Festival 2014-15

Circular- Student Safety Insurance Policy 2014-2015

Circular -Students Welfare Fees 2014-15

Students Council Election 2014-15

New Additional List of Lecturers in Extramural Studies/Education Centre

List of Lecturers in Extramural Studies Centre

Shivneri Intercollegiate Youth Festival-2013 Nilanga

Indradhanushya 2013 Lonere. Dist. Raigad

Affileted Colleges Students' Council Election 2013-14

University Campus Students' Council Election 2013-14

Circular - Wine & Rave Parties is Prohibited in Colleges

Renewal of Student's Safety Insurance Policy 2013-14

Circular - Grievance cell establish in All Colleges & Educational Institute

Circular - Amartya Shiksha Vima Yojana

Circular - Implementation of Career Literacy Programme in every college & Institutes

Circular regarding Woman Harassment

Circular regarding National Flag

Circular regarding National Anthem in Colleges

Circular regarding Annual Report of Colleges

Circular regarding Bahishal Shikshan Kendra

Circular regarding Intercollege Youth Festival

Circular regarding Lecture Series

Circular regarding Students Welfare Fees


Youth Festival - Surabhi 2012

Best Practices



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